• 2011

    Secured major customers

    Illovo group, Tiger Brands, Impala Platinum.
    Our KZN branch is expanding rapidly and new premises were opened in August. We appointed 8 additional staff to ensure ongoing quality service to our customers. Weighcomm appointed as Master Distributor for the Avery Berkel Retail range of products!
  • 2010

    Distribution rights to the Avery retail range

    Weighcomm obtains distribution rights to the Avery retail range of products
    Accreditation has been granted in accordance with SANS 10378:2005 to Weighcomm Consultancy (Pty) Ltd(LTF0279) all the branches.(Randburg, Durban and Cape Town) click here for certificate
  • 2009

    Market share continues to grow

    Weighcomm’s market share continues to grow strong in Cape Town and Natal. Branches opened with additional dedicated and professional staff.LTF0279 Accreditation (first phase)
  • 2007

    Weighcomm appointed as sole distributor

    for the Avery group of companies in RSA and various other African countries.
  • 2000

    The Avery Weigh-Tronix group was acquired by Weigh-Tronix Inc

  • 1993

    Trade globally under the Avery Weigh-Tronix

    The Berkel company was acquired as a wholly owned GEC subsidiary, and combined with GEC Avery Ltd to trade globally under the Avery Weigh-Tronix name.
  • 1984

    First UK manufacture of retail scale

    with networking facility and data capture facilities
    1982 – First volume production retail scale with integral printer and PLU(price look up).
  • 1979

    W&T Avery became part of the GEC Group

    Major investment to increase production of electronic weighing machines.
  • 1971

    First digital retail scale in volume production.

  • 1963

    First load cell weighbridges made at Soho.

  • 1918

    Death of W E T Avery

    last family member actively involved with the company. It now employs more than 3,000 people.
  • 1887

    First equipment maintenance contracts

    Introduced the first equipment maintenance contracts as an added service to its customers. This heralded the beginning of its international service business.
  • 1885

    First ticket printing steelyard

    Produced the first ticket printing steelyard in 1885. The company now employs more than 700 people.
  • 1876

    First Avery weighbridge designed

    and made by Mr A W Brown, and ex Boulton & Watt apprentice.
  • 1870

    Acquire Atlas Foundry

    in West Bromwich to carry out iron founding.
  • 1817

    Business expands

    and acquires more premises in Digbeth and opens a London branch Hatton Garden in 1837. The company now employs almost 200 people.
  • 1813

    Business transferred to William Avery

    As the Industrial Revolution gathered momentum, the business was transferred to William Avery, soon joined by his brother Thomas, who traded under the name W&T Avery.
  • 1731

    James Ford established a business as a maker of 'stilliards'.

    in Digbeth, Birmingham, described at the time as a city with a ‘more varied and lively industrial life than any other city in the world’. (However, the company has roots stretching as far back as 1670 and Charkes de Grave who had a shop near St Paul’s Cathedral.
  • 1799

    Business passes to Joseph Balden

    who married Mary Avery.
  • 1760

    James Ford retires

    and the business passes to William Barton and then toThomas Beach in 1782.