Avery Weigh-Tronix Batch Controllers

Our ZM Series Controllers will accommodate various ZM series panel mount indicators along with a choice of ZM option kits, making it versatile for many applications.

The all-in-one controller unit accommodates your choice of our panel-mount digital weight indicators to display and manage weight data, coupled with one our of ZM option kits to provide the control relays, switches and connections required for a variety of different applications.

Each ZM Series Controller is supplied all ready setup and housed in your choice of stainless steel or carbon steel enclosure, both IP rated making them ideal for most indoor and outdoor applications.
(Indicators and option kits sold separately).

Featured solution: ZM303 Batch Controller

The ZM303 Batch Controller (pictured above) is a simple batching system designed to utilize the native ZM303 batching applications and provide a means of controlling a variety of device types. The ZM303 Batch Controller contains four x 24VDC operated DIN mounted 240VAC, 8AMPS relays. Each relay is a DPDT relay with a common, normally opened (NO) and normally closed (NC) connections.

The unit is easily configured for:

  • Two speed single ingredient filling
  • Ingredient filling (up to three ingredients)
  • Independent set-points filling
  • Fill / discharge operation
  • Manual or auto preacts
  • Negative filling operation

The final enclosure might differ per project due to enclosure availability, the customer request and the weighing application that the controller will be used for.

These applications are customizable and it is required that the customer meets with our process weighing experts to fine tune the application and for them to make recommendations on the indicator and hardware that should be used.

Contact us to discuss  your scale process or batch controller requirements.

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