Avery Weigh-Tronix 8701 Loadcell

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The 8701 is a super-precision, legal-for-trade load cell ideal for
weighbridge and hopper weighing applications: A compact design that
fits almost anywhere. Leading 5000d OIML accuracy. 23 and 45 tonne

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Comparable to the T302X for new or retrofit installations where
reliability, accuracy and ease of installation count.

Retrofit existing load cells
Existing 8701/T302/T302i load cells, in most installations,
can be replaced by adding load cell mounting spacer plates.
T302X load cells can be used to replace other manufacturer’s
existing canister load cells without making any major

T302X Loadcell Product Page Download T302X Literature

Product Description

Super-precision load cell

A hermetically sealed load bearing unit operating in compression to produce a standard electrical output which is proportional to the applied load. Construction 100% stainless steel, natural finish.


50,000 lb (23 tonne)
100,000 lb (45 tonne)


5000d OIML.

Examples of Use

  • Road weighbridges
  • Rail weighbridges
  • Tank weighing
  • Hopper weighing
  • Process control

Special Features

  • 100% stainless steel construction.
  • Outstanding repeatability.
  • Surge arresters fitted internally to provide protection against lightning damage (See application note on lightning protection).


Resistance to Dirt & Moisture
Hermetically sealed
Storage Temperature Range
– 30° C to + 85° C.
Operating Temperature Range
– 20° C to + 60° C.
Calibrated Temperature Range
– 10° C to + 40° C.

Export Packaging

(All dimensions approximate)
Number of Cells in a Box
50,000 lb Load Cells
Gross weight: 34 kg.

864 mm x 381 mm x 356 mm.
100,000 lb Load Cells
Gross weight: 52 kg.
1041 mm x 381 mm x 356 mm.

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