Avery Weigh-Tronix BridgeMont Weigh Bar

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The Weigh Bar is an extremely rugged, highly reliable, load sensing device designed to overcome the shortcomings of many competitor load cells.

The unique design provides inherent strength and overload protection, while also providing accuracy and high reliability.


Globally renowned, highly robust and accurate load sensing device

The Weigh Bar is one of the most robust weight transducers, with millions of installations worldwide in the past forty years.

It is ideal for:

  • truck scales,
  • floor scales and
  • bin, hopper and tank weighing,

particularly in the food, chemical and agriculture industries.

High capacity load sensing device, suitable for most industrial environments

The Weigh Bar is environmentally sealed and features worldwide approvals.

It is available in capacities from 45kg to 450,000kg or 100lb to 1,000,000lb

Product Description

Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bar Information:

Weigh Bar Literature


The Weigh Bar is available in capacities from 45kg to 450,000kg or 100lb to 1,000,000lb, and is applied in a multitude of applications. See the Weigh Bar Comparisions.


Weigh Bar Comparisons

Read more about the Weigh Bar on Avery Weigh-Tronix’s Product Page.

The Best Weigh to Measure

Standard features on all Agricultural Weigh Bars

Durable alloy steel construction Handles extensive use for years of trouble-free service.

Sealed strain gauges Aerospace-developed sealing agent and industrial grade potting compound protect against the harsh agricultural environment.
Polyurethane sheathed cables Maximum protection from moisture, lightning and physical damage.
Steel potting shield Protects against impacts better than plastic shields.

Optional temperature compensation

For inventory applications requiring accuracy with large temperature variations.

Farming Performance

Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bars are designed to withstand all the hazards of a farm environment.
Environmental seals and coatings protect against rain, snow, dust and mud. Weigh Bars are
engineered using finite element analysis and constructed to handle the toughest jobs. A wide
range of indicators, remote displays, software and accessories are available for a complete
weighing system. All these features add up to years of precise, trouble-free operation.
Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bars are the obvious choice for superior weighing performance.

Livestock & Platform Scales

Building a custom scale allows the design flexibility to fit any application.
Turn an existing pen into a livestock scale by bolting four Weigh Bars under it, and connecting them to an indicator.
Livestock scales can be large enough for a group of animals or it can be built for a single animal. Place the scale in an alleyway or a loading area. Motion filtering is available on
Avery Weigh-Tronix indicators, eliminating weight variations due to livestock moving around on the scale.
A platform scale is one of the easiest scales to build. Build a low-capacity platform scale for weighing carts of feed or a higher capacity scale for weighing wagons or single axles.
Weigh Bars are available in the right capacity for any farm scale application.

Bin & Hopper Scales

Convert feed bins, tanks or hoppers into bulk scales. Weigh dry and liquid materials right in the containers eliminating hauling loads from storage to a scale. Know exactly how much
feed is being consumed at regular intervals. The system is easy to install. Set the Weigh Bars under the legs, level, bolt down and plug the connecting cables into a wide range of indicators or controllers. Interface batching systems to computers for a total data management system.
Capacities up to 200,000 lbs are available.

Weighbridges built to last in harsh industrial environments

Available in steel or concrete with many sizes and capacities to choose from, BridgeMont weighbridges and truck scales feature a low profile that reduces construction costs by using a shorter approach area. Higher profile for additional clearance is easily accomplished with affordable base plate options.

This weighbridge arrives on-site fully assembled and are easily installed in a pit, or above ground on a slab or piers.

Weighbridge Buyers Guide

ATEX approved weighbridge for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

The Bridgemont steel deck weighbridge is also available with ATEX approval for use in Zone 1, 21 and Zone 2, 22 potentially explosive atmospheres.  This intrinsically safe weighbridge, when paired with an explosion-proof instrumentation system, gives you all the strength and reliability of traditional steel weighbridges for use in hazardous areas.

Multi-platform axle weighers

BridgeMont weighbridges are also available as a multi-platform system, providing accurate axle weighing plus a legal-for-trade gross weight in a single action.

This weighbridge can be configured for one-stop axle weighing combine multiple independent scales in a common foundation and are designed to accommodate the vehicle’s axle spacing.

Industry leading warranty on all weighbridges

All Avery Weigh-Tronix weighbridges come backed by industry leading warranty options to ensure a low cost-of-ownership.

Civil Engineering packages are also available with all of our weighbridges.

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