Avery Weigh-Tronix EasiPost Weigh Bar

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The Weigh Bar® was designed to overcome the shortcomings of the load
cell and to provide the user with a rugged, highly reliable and linear load
sensing device at reasonable cost. More than twenty years of extensive
use in industrial, farm and transportation applications has demonstrated
that the Weigh Bar has met these requirements. The unique, robust
design of the Weigh Bar is the primary reason for this success.

Product Description

Easi-Post Suspension – rugged, precise and easy to install

The Easi-Post suspension system is a proven design that offers a high degree of performance, efficiency, and durability while absorbing the energy applied to the truck scale during braking and acceleration. Easi-Post greatly simplifies the job of leveling a scale with the foundation. During installation each module may be raised or lowered by ½” with a simple turn of the adjustment bolt.

  • Strength – The heavy-duty, stainless steel components provide long-lasting performance.
  • Protection – The Easi-Post keeps the Weigh Bar elevated off the ground where it is more protected from the dirt and grime encountered in daily operation.
  • Checking – Checking systems are internal and self-aligning. They allow for deck expansion/ contraction without the hassle of periodic adjustment like bumper-bolt systems.
  • Dampening – The patented features of Easi-Post quickly stabilize rocking motion as trucks stop and go, for fast and stable weight readings.
  • Installation – Base plates are anchored directly to pier tops. No grouting is necessary for proper alignment, greatly speeding up the installation process.
Weigh Bar Literature



In 1965 the company Art’s-Way Manufacturing, Inc. of Armstrong, Iowa approached New Jersey engineer Dick Bradley about designing a transducer and onboard weighing system for livestock feed grinder/ mixers. By 1968 Bradley had developed the Weigh Bar, and in 1969 Art’s-Way marketed the first grinder/mixer with a working scale system. In 1971 Weigh-Tronix incorporated as a subsidiary of Art’s-Way, and began selling scale systems to farm equipment manufacturers. In 1973 a Weigh-Tronix deck scale was the first all electronic scale to be approved for trade by the National Bureau of Standards. Today the Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bar is still ahead of its time, with an unmatched reputation for robust reliability and accuracy.



Weigh Bar® Features & Benefits



  • 10 times more reliable than load cell installations
  • Less downtime lower cost of ownership


  • No mechanical restraints or stops


  • Less maintenance
  • Reduced physical damage
  • Lengthens the life of the weighbridge.
  • 500,000 in service over 20 years
  • Peace of mind with a proven design
  • Inherent lightning protection by design
  • Total reliability, less downtime
  • Impervious to end, side and torque loads


  • Consistent accuracy in arduous conditions
  • Faster weighing cycles
  • Prevents costly repairs and downtime
  • 5000 division accuracy as standard
  • 10 kg in 50 tonnes less give away at no extra cost
  • Completely sealed and airtight
  • Designed and tested to exceed IP67
  • Total reliability means less downtime
  • Stainless steel sheathed cables


  • Protects cables from accidental damage and rodent attack
  • Prevents costly repairs and downtime
  • Weigh Bars mount off the ground


  • Out of the dirt and water, no need for costly stainless steel construction. Ensures a longer life