Axle Weighing In-Motion Software Package

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Our Axle Weighing In-Motion software runs on a computer terminal, connected to a weighing instrument. This solution can be adapted to existing installations of weighing systems.

such as:

  • Full length weighbridges: This is achieved by recording masses as the vehicle drives on or off the weighbridge
  • Single axle weighbridge: Record each individual axle, but then also sum that axle masses to check for overloading on axle groups and gross mass
  • Axle group weighbridge: Weighing each axle group and also summing the masses
  • Multi platform weighbridge: Multi-platform weighbridge can weigh all the axle groups at the same time without the vehicle having to drive forward after each weighing

Axle Weighing In-Motion Benefits

  • Compatible with most existing installed weighing instruments
  • Supervisor set up of tolerances
  • Print an axle weighing ticket showing the details of total mass recording and whether any legal limits are exceeded
  • Reports showing a full history of all axle weighings performed
  • Avoid overloading and fines
  • Store proof that the truck was not overloaded at the time it left your premises
  • In motion axle weighing is faster than static axle weighing and can improve turnaround times


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