BMS Tetris Weighbridge

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The BridgeMont Transportable (BMS-T) weighbridge provides customers with the same robust Bridgemont design that they have come to expect from Avery Weigh-Tronix, but with the added benefit of containerisation for more economical shipping costs. Designed for applications with axle loads up to 35t DTA and capacities up to 120 tonnes.

BMS-T Containerised Weighbridge

BMS-T weighbridge utilises the same sandwich steel construction and either our industry leading T series load cells or 34t Weigh Bars for outstanding strength and reliability. The BMS-T with Weigh Bars also comes with the unique EasiPost self-correcting suspension arrangement as standard , reducing end movement and eliminating the need for adjustable end stops.

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Weighbridge DesignAn outstanding weighbridge that includes a sandwich steel deck design that reduces the weight of the deck yet increases the strength of the scale. The method of construction seals the deck structure from the elements, extending the life of the scale.
Gross CapacityWith a capacity of 35 to 120 tonnes, this scale can handle a wide range of trucks and vehicle configurations.
Bridge Lengths (nominal)Weighbridge lengths from 5m to 24m. The BMS-T uses a combination of end boxes and 5m or 6m modules to obtain the optimum platform length required.
Module InstallationThe modules can be simply assembled using a standard 2.5t counterbalance forklift and constructed using a unique end box structure with half module arrangement and bolted fixings.
Standard Module Arrangements (nominal)5m, 6m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 16m, 18m, 21m, 24m
Platform WidthsStandard width 3m installed. (1.5m for shipping).
Dual Tandem Axle Rating (DTA)At 35 tonnes the BMS-T offers one of the highest ratings in its class.
Weighbridge Deck ThicknessDeck thickness at only 265mm, the BridgeMont Transportable provides a lower profile, compact, and structurally superior design.
Installed ProfileAt 355mm the compact, efficient design of the BMS-T minimizes approach and exit requirements. (Australia 415mm/clearance of 150mm)
Fully Electronic DesignAvery Weigh-Tronix has been an unsurpassed leader in utilising state of the art technology in virtually every aspect of weighbridge design.
Corrosion ProtectionAll steel surfaces are shot blasted to SA2.5 industry standards. A high quality industrial grade paint finish is then applied to prevent corrosion.
Weighbar InstallationThe absence of grout plates and the drilled in place anchor bolts mean simple, low cost installation. Access to Weigh Bars is via top cover plates.
T301/2xInstallationInstallation using traditional grouted plates with access via top cover plates.
Weigh Bars®Capacity of 75,000lb/34 tonnes for each sensor, with 200% overload safety factor.
Weigh Bar DesignImpervious to end, side, and torque loading conditions that can destroy conventional load cells. Produced from high quality aircraft alloy steel bar stock that has been heat treated, quenched, and tempered to resist corrosion Offersbetter repeatability and less hysteresis than stainless steel.
Weigh Bar ReliabilityFailure rate of only 0.31% compared with a national average of 3 to 5% on conventional load cells.
Weigh Bar ProtectionExtremely resistant to surge voltage or lightning related problems. Strain gauges are scientifically sealed against moisture or corrosive elements. Stainless steel jacketed cables in factory installed conduit runs. NEMA 4 Stainless Steel Junction Box Compact, all stainless steel junction and summation boxes, with connector less cables for elimination of moisture or condensation related problems.
Weigh Bar Self-CheckingRugged Easi-Post™ suspension with self-checking design absorbs shocks and vibration from sudden starting and stopping of vehicles on scale. No check rods or bumper plates required.
Guide RailsExtreme-duty guide rails are bolted in place to provide a strong, attractive barrier against accidental drive-offs. Tubing is gentle on truck wheels and is offset to allow full use of deck width. (optional)

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