Large Calibrated Test Weights

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Smaller mass pieces may form part of a Mass Piece Set, Ask us for details of complete calibrated weight sets.

Calibrated weight Tolerance (+/-) Material
2kg Mild steel 200mg Mild steel
2kg Cast Iron 200mg Cast Iron
5kg 500mg Cast Iron
10kg 1g Cast Iron
20kg 2g Cast Iron
50kg* 5g* Cast Iron
100kg* 10g* Cast Iron/Other
500kg 50g* Cast Iron/Other
1000kg 100g* Cast Iron/Other
Sanas Calibration certificate is available on request: (per 25 weights)

Delivery to each branch will be quoted as an additional fee

Weighing equipment calibration and verification services also available:
Weighbridge calibration
Scale calibration

Calibration service provided in major and outlying areas in South Africa. Send us a contact form for a quote.


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