Ohaus T31P or T32XW Including Stainless Steel Platform

Heavy duty stainless steel base platforms 600kg, 1500kg, 3000kg (or your custom required capacity) will be hooked up to an industry leading Ohaus T31P (ABS) or T32XW (stainless steel) indicator.

With the Ohaus T31P and T32XW indicator’s RS232 connection, your scale can be connected to your floors computer and software system.

Product Description

  • Option 1: The T31P is designed with affordability in mind for basic industrial applications, the T31P combines high-impact ABS housing with a large high contrast backlit LCD display, bi-directional RS232 and 100-hour internal rechargeable battery. The T31P also features software for weighing and simple parts counting.
  • Option 2: The T32XW indicator features a 304 stainless steel housing with IP65 dust-tight and washdown protection; it features a flip-down front cover and only 4 sealing screws for ease of servicing. The T32XW is the go-to indicator when simplicity and accuracy are necessary in wet environments, or the ability to thoroughly wash down the scale and indicator are a must. The NEMA 4X/IP65 washdown stainless steel housing indicator features software for weighing and simple parts counting, a large high contrast backlit LCD display, a stainless steel mounting bracket, as well as a built-in bi-directional RS232C for printing or connection to a PC.


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