Portfolio Details

A high precision single bridge strain gauge shear beam force transducer designed for use in low profile platform scales and load cell conversions of mechanical scales.

These robust transducers are protected against the ingress of dust and water for the toughest environments.


Anodised aluminium alloy, with extra high corrosion resistant hard anodised finish available as an option on 4000 division models.


125 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg.


4000d & 6000d OIML R60.


OIML R60 Certificate No.
Accuracy class C4/C6.
Vmin = Emax/12500

Examples of use:

Low profile platform scales.
Load cell in con-rod conversions of mechanical scales.
Hoppers, tanks and silos.
Overhead track scales.

Special Features:

Exceptional accuracies.
Low profile.
Simple to install.
Insensitive to side loads.
Excellent repeatability.
Small creep and hysteresis errors.
Environmentally protected.
Output matched during calibration.
Hard anodised to BS 5599 for exceptional corrosion resistance.