Portfolio Details

A hermetically sealed load bearing unit operating in compression to produce an analogue output which is proportional to the applied load. Construction is 100% stainless steel, natural finish.

  • New improved compact design
  • Built to last – robust design
  • Quality assured
  • IP69K ideal for harsh environments
  • Outstanding accuracy & performance
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Retrofitable design
  • Affordable
  • Accuracy 5000d as standard
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • 25 and 40 metre cable lengths
  • ATEX version available
  • Available Capacities – 22.5 tonne
    – 45 tonne

4x50GΩ Surge arresters fitted internally to provide protection against lightning damage. Supplied ready-assembled with gaiters and load buttons for simple installation. Unlike other canister loadcells on the market today, all T302X loadcells will be supplied as standard with pre-greased top and bottom load buttons. This helps protect the load cell from harsh environments and helps to reduce load cell rotation.

Custom designed to obtain the optimum electrical balance properties required for high accuracy weighing applications in industrial environments. Backward comparable – Being smaller means the new T302X can be used to directly replace old T302 with the aid of a retrofit adaptor block to take up the gap between the base location and the bottom of the canister loadcell.

The T302X is also fully compatible with the 8701 for both approved and non approved applications. OIML R60 approved to 5000d and available in 22.5 tonne and 45 tonne capacities. Fitted with 25 or 40 metre 4 wire 7 x 0.12mm core cable that has an electrically, mechanically and chemically tough polyurethane sheathed cable for added protection.