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The Avery Berkel BridgeMont series represents a new generation in weighbridge design. Already a market leader in the US and Canada,BridgeMont delivers everything weighbridge users have been asking for – strength, flexibility, economical ownership and easy installation.

Strong, safe, more cost-effective

BridgeMont offers quick and economical bolt-down installation,with simple foundations and no need for grouting. There are no mechanical movement restraints which means greater reliability.
The full-width deck is easily accessible for vehicles and provides safer access for drivers. On top of all this, BridgeMont features the latest Weigh Bar® technology for new levels of performance and reliability.

Proven performance from a market leader.

Every year, over 1500 Avery Berkel weighbridges are successfully installed under some of the most arduous conditions on earth. The company has also made substantial investment in new on site facilities to manufacture BridgeMont to its renowned quality standards.

‘Designed to handle 500 trucks per day with dual tandem axle loading at the legal limit of 20 tonnes for 25 years’

Features & Benefits

  • Low profile modules with guide rails. No high side beams to damage vehicles.Full width weighing area.
  • Standard length modules – six to nine metres. Suits all standard applications up to 24 metres in length.
  • Standard widths of 3.0, 3.35 and 3.65 metres. Providing greater manoeuvrability for vehicles and safe dismount for drivers.
  • Strength by design. Design is 50% stronger than the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Regulations, at a sensible cost.
  • Flow line manufacture. Built in Avery Berkel’s factory by dedicated production teams, delivers consistent quality with a lifetime assurance.
  • Unsurpassed reliability. Superior design reduces stress. Reduced stress increases component life.
  • 100% earth bound. Best lightning protection with total reliability. Less downtime.
  • No mechanical restraints and little bridge Quick weighing cycles, more efficiency. movement. Low maintenance reduces overall cost of weighbridge ownership.
  • Simple installation. Same day installation with minimal craneage. Little disruption to a busy site.
  • Pit or surface mounted. One design gives all siting options, now or in the future.

‘Reducing the cost of weighbridge ownership’