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The Ohaus CKW Checkweigh Scale – Speed, Durability, Cleanliness and Ease-of-Use designed for food processing and other wet-environment static checkweighing applications.

Ohaus CKW Series Scales are engineered for static checkweighing operations and other types of bench weighing applications – from general purpose to washdown. With their easy-to-clean design to minimise food traps, food safety conformance, and rigid stainless steel construction, CKW Series scales are ideally suited for years of use in harsh environments and other wet-environment applications. Its multiple configurability and construction were designed for simplicity and dependability that the user needs, resulting in increased productivity, security and lower cost of ownership.

Standard Features Include:

  • 4 capacity models: 3kg/6lb, 6kg/15lb, 15kg/30lb, 30kg/60lb with 3 base sizes
  • Resolutions: Maximum 1:6000-7500, Type-approved 1:3000
  • Passivated 304 stainless steel platform with extended skirt and “open architecture” frame
  • Adjustable non-slip rubber levelling feet with externally visible level indicator
  • Stainless steel IP66 indicator and IP67 load cell
  • Food Safety Standards: NSF Certified and USDA-AMS Accepted; supports HACCP compliance
  • EC Type Approved; OIML
  • Checkweigh setpoint configurability: set targets by Range, Variance by weight or Percentage
  • Checkweigh indication: 3-colour 24-segment bar graph, Beeper Alert, Display Alert
  • Checkweigh methods: Positive, Negative (Take-away), Zero or Net Checkweighing
  • 20-part Library storage for Item ID no., Over, Under, Target and Pre-set Tare values
  • High-contract LED displays with adjustable brightness control
  • “Supervisor Mode” with setup and keypad function lockouts
  • Built-in RS232 and External Rremote Input with optional RS422/485 and AC/DC Relay Output
  • Multiple weighing units: kg, g, lb, oz, lb:oz, %
  • 100-240 VAC Universal power supply with optional 10-hour internal rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Notable features include: Geo factor, GMP, Time/Date, Auto-Tare, Auto-Tare on Accept, Stable weight display within 2 seconds, Accumulation with No. of weighments, Average and Standard Deviation.

The CKW Scale is part of the CKW Series of Checkweighers that include the CKW-55 and Base models.

  • For Checkweighing Operations, accuracy, repeatability, fast displayed results and durability
  • For Checkweighing Setup, easy and quick entry of checkweigh setpoint values
  • For Checkweighing Applications, easy and quick configurability under various usage:
    > Portioning and pre-packaging; positive checkweighing
    > Portioning out of the box; negative or take-away checkweighing
    > Sorting and grading; zero or net checkweighing
  • For Checkweighing Indications, easy and quick set up of combination of user preferences:
    > Beeper alert under selectable checkweigh conditions; volume controllable
    > 3-color Bar Graph; increments can be scaled to capacity, display as a segment, bar or block
    > Weight display alert under selectable checkweigh conditions; can be
    blanked out, adjustable brightness
  • For Checkweigh Environments, durability and cleanability:
    > Stainless steel IP66 indicator
    > Passivated stainless steel base and “open architecture” frame