• 06-Oct-2014
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The E1205 and E1210 is now obsolete and replaced with the Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM510. The ZM510 fits seamlessly into the E12xx workflow.

See the product page for the ZM510:
ZM510 Product Page

If you want more effective management of weighing applications, lower costs and increased throughput in your business, look to Evolution™. These intelligent indicators are designed to analyse, store, display and transmit data between applications and across networks – giving you greater visibility of process performance. E1205 and E1210 are advanced multi-function models designed for ultimate ease of use, providing all the flexibility and connectivity you need to control any weight-based process in your business.

Piece weighing, counting, checkweighing & 3-level pack run functions
Advanced weighbridge programme with full database
Comprehensive recipe formulation programme with 300 PLUs
Superb graphics display for ultimate flexibility and ease of use
Serial port, Ethernet & FieldBus connectivity – electronic archiving also available
Stainless steel version available for IP67 applications (E1210)

Improve profitability

E1205 and E1210 give you the power to improve profitability and efficiency in numerous weighing processes across the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, logistics, mining, waste, metals and engineering industries.

Advanced multi-function value

The optimum solution for piece weighing, process control, checkweighing, counting and totalising.

  • Total weighbridge control
    The indicators offer total control of your weighbridge operation. A comprehensive database allows you track vehicles, materials, suppliers and customers.
  • Recipe formulation – no problem!
    Even complex recipe routines are trouble-free. The indicators hold 100 recipes of up to 20 stages each – plus 300 PLUs to store ingredients.
  • Manage packing runs
    Three levels of pack runs help you manage packing operations fully.
  • Flexible trips
    Up to 16 fully-configurable trips provide all the flexibility you need to manage a wide range of process control and formulation routines.
  • Accurate results – every time
    E1205 and E1210 are designed to be the most operator-friendly indicators on the market. From simple weighing to process management, the graphical display gives clear results and prompts at every stage.
  • Ultimate ease of use
    With five function keys to speed configuration and operation, the indicators provide fast, errorfree results. The alpha keypad is ideal for occasional use or
    alternatively, a PC keyboard can be connected for frequent data entry.
  • IP67 hoseproof model
    Stainless steel E1210 version suits IP67 applications, with the same levels of functionality as E1205.
  • Complete connectivity
    With inputs for up to 12 load cells, the indicators address the vast majority of weighing requirements – and can control a second weigh scale. The three internal 230 V-rated outputs can be expanded to up to 16 inputs/ outputs via software.
  • Flexible communications
    For communication to printers, PCs and other devices, the indicators offer two serial ports and Ethernet connectivity as standard. Two further optional serial ports and a Fieldbus connection of your choice may be added.
  • Less downtime – lower costs
    Intelligent design and PC-based service tools ensure rapid installation and configuration, reduced downtime and easy upgrading.