HIGH PERFORMANCE indicators with advanced applications, flexible enough to adapt to complex weighing tasks.

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Programmable and highly connective, the ZM510 displays, stores and transmits data across devices, offering an end to end personalized weighing solution.

The ZM510 is equally compatible with a wide range of other weighing platforms, including weighbridge, platform scales, batching, counting and checkweighing scales.

Weighbridge and traffic management

CUSTOMIZABLE: Remote display, card reader and option cards

Axle weighing in motion – seamless

Weighcomm’s wayware cater for weighing axles and axle groups, making it possible to avoid fines and to prove that the masses were acceptable at the time of loading.

Green = within range
Red     = overloaded axles

ZM510 labelling

ZM303/ZM510 barcode scanning

This application allows for a customization of a labeling system that includes 8 user defined fields. The Gross, Tare and Net weight will be transmitted with the applicable fields to the label.  Customized label sizes are configurable beforehand, thus suited for numerous applications.
The ZM510 is compatible with barcode scanners that will create a link between the barcode and the product being weighed. The Gross, Tare and Net weight, along with the barcode can be sent through Ethernet, Wi-Fi or RS232 to a computer that is listening for the information.

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See ZM510 Product Page

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