Weighing products for all facets of warehouse operations

How weighing in warehouses and logistic environments can save you money.

Inbound and outbound freight and cargo should be managed by recording the weight accurately in order to manage billing and inventory. By using Weighbridges, companies can avoid costly fines and damages on trucks.

Forklift scales
A forklift scale allows drivers to lift and weigh bundled materials on a truck. This expedites operations by enabling forklift drivers to take commodities directly to storage upon delivery, while tracking the weight, origin and storage location during transport. This process results in saving a lot of time and a speedy return on investment.

Floor and Platform scales
Used mainly when sorting inventory, floor scales are capable of weighing goods with very high accuracy, reducing the likelihood for revenue loss. This scale can be placed at a central location within a warehouse and is generally used in two ways. Operations can wheel lighter loads onto the scale for weighing or, for heavier loads, operators can drive forklifts carrying    bundled or palletized commodities directly onto the scale.

Legal for trade weighing / SOLAS act

A scale system capable of legal for trade weighing can prove to be a valuable asset in the logistics industry, as revenue is commonly based upon the weight of commodities purchased by or shipped for customers. Legal for trade accuracy is required for business transactions where goods are bought or sold by weight. Weighcomm provides a wide range of scales that includes legal for trade scales.

Weighcomm develops all weighing – based solutions for Warehousing, Logistic, Fishery, Food, Agriculture, Laboratory, Mine and may more industries. These solutions include maintenance & calibrations to ensure a high level of accuracy and reliability.

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