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At a busy airport check-in desk, speed and accuracy are vital. Fast, precise processing of baggage can have a direct impact on revenue, health and safety and customer service. The ZM205 meets these needs by providing fast, accurate weight readings. The ZM205 includes both operator-facing and passenger-facing display units and is designed to interface with a wide range of scale bases, PCs and printers.

A fast, reliable, dual-display indicator for use at airport check-in desks.

Designed for the busy, demanding airport check-in environment

Easy-to-read dual displays

The ZM205 features a bold and easy-to-read operator display. Operator eye fatigue is reduced through the use of TN display technology. This combination of black digits and green backlight results in a highly visible weight display that can be read in a variety of lighting conditions, from extended distances and angles. The passenger unit delivers improved customer service by providing a straightforward, easy to interpret indication of baggage weights.


Designed for simplicity, engineered for excellence

The ZM205 operator display features five operational keys. Designed with simplicity, speed and ease of use in mind, these keys fulfill common operational requirements with minimal button presses. The keypad itself is extremely durable and features internal springs, giving the operator a tactile indication that the keys have been pressed effectively.

ZM205pic1Easy information access

The operator display consistently shows the live weight, with the capability to cycle through the total weight and quantity of bags at the touch of a button.

Data transfer

The ZM205 features two serial RS232 ports for data transfer to peripherals such as printers or PCs. Passenger and operator indicators are connected via robust Ethernet technology, ensuring uninterrupted communications.

Options for added functionality

The ZM205 operator indicator can be fitted with an optional Profibus or Relay Control kit which can interface with a baggage conveyor system to automate the movement of the conveyor.

Legal for trade

The ZM205 is approved for trade in many geographies worldwide, making it the ideal solution for capturing weight data and overweight baggage revenue.